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  What & Who is IFSEA

What & Who is IFSEA

“We enhance the careers of our members through professional and personal growth.”

What is IFSEA?
The International Food Service Executives Association (IFSEA) is a professional association with members from the food service and hospitality profession.  Established in 1901, IFSEA is the industry’s oldest association.  Its mission is to enhance the careers of its members through food service certification, education seminars, networking, student mentorships and community service.  Activities include an annual conference, culinary competitions, awards and scholarships.  
Why IFSEA is Unique
IFSEA reaches beyond the culinary and restaurant professions. The association focuses on the professional seeking a management role in the food service and hospitality industry.  Our services broaden the skills and relationships needed for becoming an executive within the food service and
hospitality fields.  IFSEA members include executive chefs, restaurant owners, catering directors, equipment manufacturers, food suppliers, military, professionals new to the industry and students.

Benefits of IFSEA

  • Meet professionals and life-long friends in a friendly atmosphere
  • Education seminars, training programs and updates on industry trends and news
  • Hear about job openings and postings
  • Food Service Executive Certification
  • Assist with the development and future of the food service profession
  • Student scholarships & mentorships
  • Culinary competitions
  • Annual IFSEA Conference



IFSEA Members Belong to:
Cruise Lines
Sports & Theme Parks
Food & Equipment Manufacturers
Health Departments


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