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Student Member Programs 

Advance your education, work experience and chance of landing a professional job right out of college by joining IFSEA.  Here’s how:

$100,000 year is awarded annually through branch scholarships and the IFSEA Worthy Goal Scholarship.

Networking & Mentorship Program
Every year at our Conference & Trade Show students are paired with a senior IFSEA member as part of our Mentorship Program.  IFSEA coordinates the introduction and meetings between the Mentor and Student at the conference in order to create a more comfortable atmosphere.  

Student Motivation
Participation in our conference, trade show, awards programs, culinary competition and branch meetings gives students a focus on professionalism.  While striving to succeed in IFSEA, students become more motivated in their studies.

Annual Conference
Students are invited to attend our annual Conference & Trade Show which is normally held in April.  Events include educational seminars, culinary demonstrations, culinary competitions, keynote speakers, networking and awards programs.

IFSEA Newsletters
IFSEA newsletters feature industry trends and news, educational information, IFSEA news and highlights outstanding IFSEA members.

Diverse Member Background
IFSEA has the most diverse association membership in the hospitality industry.  Our members are CEOs, chefs, catering directors, hotel directors, restaurant owners, club managers, professors and purchasing agents.

IFSEA offers food service certification designed specifically for students who are starting their careers.  Certification is valuable for self-esteem and industry/job recognition. 

Student Membership Prices
$30 for one year


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