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Certification through Veterans Affairs GI Bill

IFSEA Certifications do qualify for GI Bill Reimbursement.

To Apply for Reimbursement please visit:
GI Bill 

Certification Process/Instructions
1. Decide which certification exam you will take

2. Decide if you want to take the exam Online or the Written version.  Please note: The CFM exam is not available online at this time

3. Submit Certification Application with payment to IFSEA Headquarters at 4955 Miller Street Suite 107, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

4. Choose a Proctor to uphold integrity of the certification exam by overseeing your exam day. Your Proctor must submit a Proctor Application. Your Proctor must be one of the following:
   a. Hold a CFE designation
   b. Professor/Teacher
   c. Supervisor or Manager at your place of employment

5. Once IFSEA receives your application and payment, IFSEA will mail you a Study Guide

6. Study for the exam

7. Email IFSEA at the date, time and location of the exam

8. Following notification from step Number 7, IFSEA will mail the exam or email the website and password to your Proctor. Instructions for your Proctor will be included.

9. Take the exam

10. If taking the Exam Online: You will receive your score once finished with the exam.

11. If taking the Written Exam: Your Proctor will be asked to mail the exam to IFSEA for grading.

12. Once your results are available, IFSEA will mail them to you along with a Receipt of Payment for the exam, Certificate and Lapel Pin

13. Apply to receive GI Bill Reimbursement: GI Bill

IFSEA Certification Application - click on link to print form
IFSEA Proctor Application- click on link to print form

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