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Food Service Certification for Military

• Can improve career opportunities
• May provide for greater earnings potential
• Grants you professional credentials
• Reflects achievement
• Builds self-esteem
• Improves skills and knowledge
• Offers recognition from peers
• Demonstrates your commitment to the food service profession
• Enhances the industry’s image

IFSEA offers two types of Food Service Certification: Certified Food Manager and Certified Food Executive. These certifications test beyond culinary skills, but rather, focus on the skills needed for the food service professional seeking a management and executive career. These certifications test your knowledge from basic cooking to menu design, management, human resources, accounting and marketing. As the certification levels progress, each exam is tougher and longer than the previous.

Certified Food Manager (CFM)
Recommended for professionals with less than three years experience; Military E-4, E-5, and E-6; and students studying food service.
Demonstrates basic knowledge in the following areas:
• General Industry Knowledge
• Basic Cooking
• Beverages and Wines
• Dining Room Set-Up and Service
• Menu Development
• Sanitation
• Purchasing
• Accounting
• Management
• Human Resources

Certified Food Executive (CFE)
Recommended for CFM professionals who seek the next level of certification and industry managers with at least five years of on-the-job experience.
Demonstrates your knowledge in the following areas:
• Cooking, Food Preparation and Storage
• Menu Design and Analysis
• Kitchen Management
• Service Management
• Beverage Management
• Purchasing and Inventory Control
• Accounting and Financial Management
• Marketing
• Human Resources

1. Desire to achieve certification
2. Decide which certification level is right for you
3. Fill out a certification application
4. Study for the exam (you will receive a study guide)
5. Take the exam
6. Enjoy the benefits of being Food Service Certified!

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