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IFSEA Worthy Goal Scholarship Fund

Making a Commitment to the Future
The Worthy Goal is a scholarship fund seeking your support for the future of the hospitality industry. The fund is committed to the enhancement of education and professionalism of the industry by providing scholarships for students seeking careers in the food service and hospitality field. The primary source of funds to support this program has been IFSEA Branches and some individual members. Your financial investment will enable us to provide additional scholarships to help students pursue degrees in our industry. Our commitment to this purpose is simple and straightforward.

The History
A worthy goal for any professional association should be the continuation and improvement of the industry in which it thrives and grows. The International Food Service Executives Association through the Worthy Goal Scholarship Fund, has been dedicated to this objective since the “Fund” was established in 1968. Governing is through six trustees without compensation. Since administrative costs are minimal, maximum funding for scholarships is achieved.

The Beneficiaries
Annually, IFSEA accepts applications prior to February 1st. Students can apply on line at Selections and presentations are made annually at the International Conference. The scholarship awards are forwarded to the appropriate educational institutions earmarked for the specific student. An applicant need not be a member of IFSEA to be considered for a grant. During the IFSEA International Conferences, branches pledge their financial support to the Worthy Goal Fund. These pledges and contributions have exceeded $400,000 since the program’s inception. Additionally, checks from individuals, corporations and IFSEA branches may be made payable to the Worthy Goal Fund at any time during the year. These contributions are tax deductable.

The Memory Star Program
A perfect way to contribute to the Fund in memory of a departed relative or friend. Donations can also be made in recognition of an individual. Donations in multiples of $50 are traditional. Please provide name and address of the individual to be notified.

The Worthy Goal “Fellow” Program
Provides an excellent method for contributions by individuals or companies. Donations may be made in the amount of $1,000 or more, and may be renewed annually as desired. Donors are recognized on the Worthy Goal “Fellow” Master Plaque and appropriately recognized at the IFSEA Conference following the donation.

The Worthy Goal “Endowment” Program
Individuals and businesses are encouraged to provide donations for the direct purpose of funding a scholarship in their name. A minimum of $10,000 will provide funds for a continuing annual scholarship in the amount of $500. For example, a $20,000 donation will provide a continuing scholarship of $1,000. Scholarship recipients are announced at the annual IFSEA Conference.

Individuals and Branches may elect to meet a $10,000 objective within a consecutive ten year period and at that time a $500 scholarship will be awarded annually from the qualified applicants in the name of the donor.

Please make checks payable to:
Worthy Goal Scholarship Fund

Mail to:
Worthy Goal Scholarship Fund
c/o Brian Kunihiro, Trustee
94-870 Lumiauau St. P106
Waipahu, HI 96797

  PO Box 1125  |  Placitas, NM 87043  |  505.238.8410
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